I often tell people I’m a story teller not a writer. I’ve focused on what I’m good at. Telling stories. You can be s published author; no matter your age. All you have to do is start writing. Start getting your ideas out on paper, start developing the characters and the plot. Be the author of your own experiences. In my classes you will learn how to write from experience, from the heart, How to take the mumbled jumbled thoughts out of your head and into paper in a cohesive manner. Enthusiastic story tellers of all ages are welcome! Contact me if you want to learn more about the art of story telling , and how your stories can become the next published book to come out of your community! Can’t make it to my live weekly story telling classes or self publishing workshops?Log onto our website and download our content and enjoy our classes from the comfort of your own classroom or home.

Story telling is fun. If you want to turn your stories into fun books or even a career of storytelling , this is what you need to do:

  • Read a lot
  • Daydream - whoever told you this was unproductive was WRONG!
  • Write whenever you can - ideas come to you at all hours of the day or night. Some of my best story ideas woke me from my sleep between the hours of 2-4
  • Start a journal of ideas and happenings. - things you see or experience
  • Carry a notebook with you so you can write down interesting things, ideas and descriptions of people you meet.
  • Decide what sort of stories you enjoy reading. Or maybe stories your parents have told you when you were young.
  • What kind of books do you like to read? For example, comedies, mysteries, sports pieces or wear wolf novels.
  • You might just develop a love for writing and decide to Volunteer st your local newspaper or writing clubs in your community.
  • Start your own story telling club or
  • Join a local writer’s group. The library is always a wonderful place to start on your journey to becoming a professional storytellers



  • Journalist (includes newspaper, radio and tv)
  • Copy writer (writes advertisements for newspaper, radio and tv)
  • Screen writer (writes movies)
  • Playwright (writes plays)
  • Corporate Writer – writes newsletters and things for businesses.
  • Technical Writer – writes instructions, computer manuals; technical stuff.
  • Author – writes fiction and non-fiction books for kids.
  • Performance writer – writes things they perform themselves
  • Comedy writer – could write for yourself or for television and film
  • Internet writer – work on websites etc for businesses and organisations.

School Visit’s and Public Speaking Engagements

Whether it be a half day school visit, whole day, conference, library presentation or a discussion panel I enjoy visiting communities all around the world.
School presentations are simply an introduction to who I am as a early education teacher and director, product developer, a writer and a mother.
I present for grade levels K-8, but I also have experience speaking to high school students as a career advisor and mentor.
My presentations length depends on the age of the audience. Little folks, K-1, are usually 20-35 minutes.
The presentation consist of a brief introduction of my background; where I come from, how I became interested in reading and writing, my family life,etc.).
A PowerPoint presentation that follows my path as a kid to becoming a published author. That is followed by a reading. The reading is centered around the interest of the hosting group or determined by age group/class level. 
Followed by  a lively Q& A or brief discussion on the themes of the book section where students and teachers can ask about the writing process, editing, particular characters, personal questions.
The Q &A is my favorite part of the presentation. After that, I will conduct a quick trivia game and ask questions to the students to see if they were paying attention. I have posters and sometimes bookmarks, and even free books. We’ll finish up with a book signing for students who have ordered books and of course pictures. 

I enjoy taking pictures with students, librarian, teachers, lunch ladies, or any other school community staff member.